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  1. So many beautiful patterns in the last photo – and it looks as if your little baby is also totally absorbed in looking at them.

  2. i have been craving curry lately and we are just saying goodbye to summer! love the different fabrics with the cushions….the bub is very cute too. dayle

  3. Um…I really want that pillow…the white one with the lines. One of your designs?

  4. Love that curry!!!
    Can you post a recipe? Please…..

    Love all the sweet socks you put on your little one….too cute….


  5. as usual great bowls and textiles. and what a cutie in the middle of that gorgeous pile of color and pattern!

  6. Nice photos. Lots of fabrics, surfaces.Bye! Say hello from me to that baby…

  7. Love all those different cushions together. I get scared of too many patterns and colours together and shy away from it, but you've inspired me to change it up a bit. 🙂 <3

  8. looks so tasty!

    i always love the patterns and textures in your photographs – very inpsirational 🙂