i’ve decided to part with a huge portion of my magazine collection. it’s hard for me to do– but i need the extra space. if anyone is interested in taking some of them, you can email me at the address below. i have these to give away:

teen vogue
martha stewart weddings
a variety of japanese fashion magazines
elle decoration (uk)
and more…

lena (at) lenacorwin.com

pick up on 3rd floor in fort greene, brooklyn

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  1. i love seeing that you also hold on to your old magazines. i recently moved and had a box labeled "old magazines" haha ….

    you took such lovely pictures of yours. good luck with the purge!

  2. Ugh. If only I lived close enough to come pick some of those up or I would so go for those Nylon magazines.

    My family doesn't believe in fashion magazine subscriptions. T___T

  3. argh, I've been contemplating (avoiding) this very thing… L is starting to get a wee bit mobile and we have some major major purging to do…or move…

    do you want to have a baby date sometime soon?

  4. HOLY SHIZ that's a lot of magazines! I did the exact same thing a few weeks ago. It's hard, it's hard. I feel ya!
    you have the most genius blog by the way, bookmarked!

  5. I got rid of my magazines a few years ago and it was so liberating. I had never really referenced them when I had them- and the extra space was awesome. Now I bring my read magazines into work at the end of the month for my coworkers to read- and donate them to our art classroom after.

    You could also try selling stacks on ebay as lots- the Blueprint, Domino & MSW will sell.


  6. I do that too, but once they're three years old, I toss them! But not before I go through them with an Xacto knife and take out useful/interesting articles, spreads, etc., then I put them in little plastic inserts and stick it in a binder, with sections like food, travel, fashion/style, etc.

    I sounds like a crazy person.

    Anyways, one of the pages I just saved was a feature with you in Glamour! How to Make Your Home Prettier, with tips from Printing By Hand! See? Useful 🙂

  7. Hey! I'm new to your blog, and will definitely be popping by very often!
    Shame I cannot get to Brooklyn that easily as I'm based in London… Would love some magazines! Vx

  8. ah i love seeing these stacks. so exciting. i'm not a keeper myself, but collections are always great photo ops!

  9. Wow! too many magazine. That's great. Maybe it's nice to be donated to the libraries. 🙂

  10. Lools like a very nice collection – I wish I could just pass by Brooklyn 😉

  11. i am kicking myself that i forgot to take some on saturday! and we forgot to tell the class too. of course, carrying them home with my bags of fabric would not have been fun…. but if you're left with any nylons or japanese mags at the end i'll pick them up in may ;n)

  12. Oh Lena, you are good! Can you believe there are some mags that I have moved from CA to NY and then moved them BACK to Ca? sheesh. I purged many the past cross-country move, but cannot part w/ my Domino's, Marthas & Cookies.

    Talk soon! xx

  13. congratulations….i know that is a very hard thing to do….i have space issues as well especially since the edition of my two little ones…

  14. That's brave of you! I can't part with mine 🙁 it's so hard. Ah, I consider them friends but my bf thinks I'm nutso!

  15. You could do what I do & tear out the pages you wish to keep & file them into file folders: Gardening, Decorating, Fashion, etc. Once you've gutted the magazines you give them to a friend or put them out on the curb/sidewalk for free.

  16. Reading is very good hobby. But these much is in home is too much. Is this home or library?

  17. funny, we did the same thing at our house last weekend. freed of many stacks. I took the time to make tears of the pages that were really, really special. kept the Rayguns…and still a few Nylons.