over the weekend, the news from japan only seemed to get worse. i’m so sad to think of the loss of lives and destruction. i’m sending my thoughts, especially, to the wonderful people in japan i have gotten to know over the years through my work.

my favorite shop in japan, klala, has a show up now called brooklyn market. i helped to curate the artists featured in the show:

maria alexandra vettese
tamar mogendorff
hikaru furuhashi
sian keegan
shabd simon alexander
christopher silas neal
lines & shapes

the show looks so great. i wish i could be there in person to see it.

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  1. Fortunately, my family and friends are OK but it just breaks my heart to see people suffering. Hope your friends in Japan are all safe.

  2. which artist is the LOVE knitting tote? I've seen it before and would love to purchase, but I didn't see it in the shops from your links.

  3. hi ems
    the love tote is from hikaru, her shop is wonder wonder. you could email her if you dont see them for sale.

  4. Well, these are very attractive collection and likes everyone. This show is such a fantastic.

  5. Hi. Love the blog. I will be visiting Brooklyn at the end of April (Easter long weekend). Would love to explore crafty places and wonderful food spots. Any native New Yorkers willing to give us some tips? Thanks very much!

  6. So many unbelieveable great art work … Wow! What´s the book "Sundays are for lovers" about? From Stuttgart with love, Christiane