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I collect a lot of vintage books that I leaf through for inspiration. I find them at flea markets, antique stores, used bookstores, etc. One of my favorite genres of books to collect is little cooking booklets. Mostly from the 1950s and ’60s, they were put out by food and beverage companies as promotions for their products. The illustrations in these little books have been a great source of inspiration for my illustration work.

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  1. i have books like these from my mom. she bought them at shop-rite, her favorite store, in the 1960s/70s. the illustrations are great.

  2. Åh, vad fina illustrationer. Nostalgi såklart och ändå så formsäkert. Jag älskar dessa med bara svart och rött och inga yttre konturer.
    (fick liksom för mig att jag kunde skriva på Svenska här…ska kolla…men jag postar först…)

  3. hey Lena!
    Would you be so kind to tell me the name of the book/manual which picture
    number seven(from top)belongs to? My best friend also reads your blog and I’d like to try to find it for her.Thanks,M.

  4. Love this. Especially because I’m completely MadMen crazed these days 🙂


  5. Do u know if any of the illos are from Lorraine Fox. I collect some books with her illos in them. They looks similiar to these.