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  1. I’ve always loved baby’s breath..I think it’s nice to appreciate things that go unnoticed.

  2. my mom planted baby’s breath in the front garden of my childhood home. the little plant grew into a baby’s breath shrub. a big white cloud. i had forgotten about it until i read your post.

  3. it looks really pretty! No connotations of “want some gyp?” as bad English florists say…thankfully the past few years they seem to use eucalyptus leaves as a filler so maybe baby’s breath The Plant is ready to be appreciated again.

  4. it sure is pretty just as it is and not as a filler in some petrol station bouquet, and your pictures of them are gorgeous…

  5. I bought a bunch of it on its own once — it really surprised me that I liked it so much.

  6. i don’t think i’ve seen it at my local nursery, but next time i’ll have to ask for it.

    it’s so nice to take another look at something i never appreciated before. lovely!

  7. i’ve always been a big fan of baby’s breath too… growing up, we always had it around the house… it lasts forever as a dried flower too. so clean and minimal.

  8. I’ve always love this plant, but too often pulled it out thinking it was a weed as it came up the following year. This is a good reminder to try again…and not yank too soon.

  9. hi nancy
    i think they have a reputation of being filler in cheap bouquets that you can get at gas stations, grocery stores, etc. but i definitely have a new appreciation!

  10. have always loved baby’s breath! they look wonderful in a simple glass vase. never thought of buying the plant though, so thnks for the idea!

  11. Hi! Not sure if I’ve left a comment here before, but I do love what I see here!
    And I love when you suddenly see something familiar with new eyes. I had a similar experience a couple of years back with Hydrangeas, which are now one of my favourites.