i followed the link to artist/interior designers john meyers and linda wary of warymeyers, who made the incredible repainted eames chair, from time out‘s home design issue… and i loved, loved looking through their portfolio of work. their rooms are so fun and playful– and colorful! and all the wallpaper! much of it is not my taste overall, but i love the mixing of colors and style, and vintage pieces. i want to start expanding my small collection of needlepoint pillows!

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  1. hi Lena– great link! I loved looking at this, and had no idea that the Hi-Ho Motel in Fairfield is now a wine bar. I want to go there and check it out.

  2. Oh yes, those pillows! Thanks for this. I think the wool shop might see me paying a visit this afternoon…

  3. Great links, thank you! I’m about to start my first needlepoint pillow, depicting the frontage of the Liberty shop in London. It is a little daunting, but I’m going to give it a go!

  4. Hi Lena
    Thanks so much for all your compliments, and posting the photos!
    Your blog is so great and full of inspirations! I’m going to Amazon next to order that Penguin Classics cover book!

    We’re glad you like the Herman Miller chair and hope you can see a bit of Celia Birtwell criss-cross-dots in the trees on the left (I tried, anyway!). Our friend Melissa sent us your link and really it’s too kind of you. And all the comments- wow!
    So thanks again, and it’s quite a pleasure to “meet” you,
    John Meyers

  5. Hi John,
    So glad you found your way to my blog!
    The chair you did for Time Out is so fabulous. And yes! I see the Celia Birtwell in it! It’s great to “meet” you too.

  6. Lena this post is EXQUISITE. I want to move into the room shown in the 2nd photo from the top. What a wonderful use of color… You can tell the home owners have NO fear! Goooo fearless hue lovers!