today i’m thinking about angela spencer, who passed away this morning. i met angie through a group of designers/artists with small businesses, organized by cal patch. she was a regular seller at the flea, and i was so sad to hear that she was ill. you can take a look at her beautiful handmade work here. it was wonderful to know you, angie!

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  1. condolences, Lena, that’s so sad,
    I remember buying a beautiful bright magenta blouse for a friend from Angela’s booth at the flea. Such a beautiful photo of her.

  2. Our Brooklyn designer community is so small! This was so nice to see on your blog for my good friend Angie. I hope her passing will inspire others – she was so committed to her handmade business she was literally making things a few days ago for the Flea!

  3. hi amy,
    i’m glad to hear that angie was well enough to make things just days before she passed away. you’re right, her dedication is very inspiring! it is a small community here and we all seem to be connected. thanks for saying hello, it was nice to see your comment.