two new beautiful books from princeton architectural press:


woodcut, by bryan nash gill

the delicate beauty of these prints really caught my attention. the author creates large-scale relief prints from the cross sections of trees. he rescues the wood (including ash, maple, oak, spruce, and willow) from the land around his studio.


america’s other audubon, by joy m. kisser

i love the unbleached newsprint paper used for the illustrated pages in this large book. kisser chronicles the engaging story of genevieve jones, an amateur naturalist/artist, who made these intricate drawings of the nests and eggs of birds in the late 1800s. the book looks so nice sitting on my coffee table.


 ps: i’m very excited to see jen causey’s brooklyn makers book, out soon from papress.



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  1. ooo, that woodcut book looks beautiful. it reminds me of this huge eucalyptus tree stump rubbing i have from a friend who was a JB Blunk artist-in-residence some years ago. of course, upon seeing your post, i’m only now just remembering that i should try to get it framed…