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  1. And they look very lovely lined up together – what pity you can't wear them all at the same time. Oh, to have four feet!

  2. both pairs are so cute! what color combo did you get in the clogs? there are so many options

  3. oh yay, you got the ugglebos! i was thinking of ordering the oxford style, but with a closed back instead of mule.

    and the top siders, i didn't know you could get them with a shearling lining. so nice.

  4. i got the ugglebos as well! they took forever to arrive. but it was worth the wait. the base is really comfortable!

  5. How do you like the Ugglebos? I'm so ready to get a pair of clogs again but I can't decide btwn brands. My feet are pretty narrow and tend to flop around in them.

  6. Comfy and warm…I need to stock up on a couple pairs for the winter myself:)

    Julie xo

  7. i really like the ugglabos. they hurt my feet a little, but i think wooden clogs usually need to be broken in. i got stone suede with the dark brown base (i love the natural base, but thought this might be more practical in nyc).