the five-week intensive perfumery class started this week, and it was fascinating! anne began with discussing the categories of citrus and spice. we smelled a variety of natural and synthetic scents and it was interesting to try to hone in on what makes up a smell- something that i don’t usually pay much attention to. we smelled pink pepper, cardamom, italian lemon, juniper berry, and lots more.

we also smelled anne’s maine fragrance and i loved it. i’ve always been drawn to rose based perfumes, but this one is more complex, with a mix of grass, campfire, pine, and many other smells (i was surprised to find out that perfumes usually have a combination of 20-50, and sometimes more, scents).

there is still one spot open in saturday’s perfume workshop with anne. the class will focus on creating your own custom blended perfume, and all materials are included.

email info (at) if you’d like to sign up.

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  1. such a gorgeous collection of things. i love the relationships that can be made simply by placing one object next to another.