sale update!

our big lines & shapes studio clear-out sale ends sunday, at 8pm EST. several books have already sold out, so head over to the shop soon if you’ve been meaning to… books are priced at $14 each (down from $23), and we won’t have a sale like this again until next january. this is a good chance to stock up on presents!

thanks to everyone who has already made a purchase. we appreciate your support!

artists from top to bottom:
gracia & louise, volume three
jessica williams, volume four
hanna konola, volume six

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  1. Hope the sale is going well. As you know, I'm lucky enough to have all these volumes and I think they are all wonderful and bring me much joy. xo lj

  2. I wish this sale is still continue…because I wish to buy such fascinating good story book for my younger sister(Lilly) as her birthday gift.
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