we painted over the chocolate brown color in our bedroom with bright white. i love it. it’s a little stark and shocking right now, but i think it’s going to look good when we put our furniture back in the room. it already feels brighter and calmer.

the movie we saw last night was i am love with beautiful tilda swinton. it was really captivating visually (always the most important aspect of a movie for me!), and an intriguing story too.

it was my birthday yesterday. i think it hit 100 degrees. we went swimming, to lunch, and to a movie… it was perfect, since i don’t like big birthday celebrations. and i got some really special presents!

the light has been so beautiful in our apartment this week, it must have something to do with the perfect weather we’ve been having in new york…

caitlin wrote yesterday about katy krantz. i saw her work at saffron, a great little shop in fort greene. i fell in love with the top piece (it’s hard to tell the scale in the photo, but it’s very large– about 2 feet long) and her ceramics in general. check out her website.