here is… LINES & SHAPES, volume three!

the theme for this volume is GATHER. we choose the themes by making lists of words that we find intriguing, and then mulling over our lists until we narrow it down to one that just feels right. we’re so happy to have the work of the following artists in volume three:

yu-i chan
mat daly
gracia & louise
jane & jeremy
francesca tallone

to celebrate our third book out of six planned for this year, we made a special poster featuring all artist from the first half of LINES & SHAPES 2008. posters are a free gift for all new subscribers.

go take a look!

summer dinner…

grilled shrimp, chicken, zucchini, baguette, mint iced tea, & peaches.

found on the street last week… a game of memory from the 1970s.
“match the baby with the mom”.

a fun, but rainy, july 4th…. we went hiking in wawayanda state park, new jersey (i like the name!), then back in brooklyn we had dinner and drinks with friends upstairs, and watched the fireworks (through the rain and clouds) on our roof. the drizzly weather reminded me of 4th of julys in san francisco.