i finally framed this print that we found, just with a cheap ikea frame until we can get it nicely framed. i really love the print, by susan pear meisel. i wouldn’t have picked it out probably, but i liked it when i first saw it, and have liked it even more and more over time. it’s an odd story of how we acquired it:

josh passed by a house in our neighborhood and saw the framed print out with the trash, and took it thinking i would like it. i did, and looked up the artist’s name online. it’s signed, so i was curious about the artist and its possible value. we were excited to find the same print for sale at $650! and we put it on our mantle… later that night, josh was up late… passed by the mantle and saw that the frame was covered in cockroaches. ahhh! he ran outside with it, ripped of the back off the frame (which was FULL of many more roaches) and pulled out the print. it’s a really gross story, but i’m so glad he saved the print.

my friend robin just arrived in krakow, poland for a graduate school program, and posted photos of her dorm room. i love how the unrenovated room looks like a modern boutique hotel. i like the warm wood, and simple white table cloth. i’m looking forward to more photos robin!