i finally framed this print that we found, just with a cheap ikea frame until we can get it nicely framed. i really love the print, by susan pear meisel. i wouldn’t have picked it out probably, but i liked it when i first saw it, and have liked it even more and more over time. it’s an odd story of how we acquired it:

josh passed by a house in our neighborhood and saw the framed print out with the trash, and took it thinking i would like it. i did, and looked up the artist’s name online. it’s signed, so i was curious about the artist and its possible value. we were excited to find the same print for sale at $650! and we put it on our mantle… later that night, josh was up late… passed by the mantle and saw that the frame was covered in cockroaches. ahhh! he ran outside with it, ripped of the back off the frame (which was FULL of many more roaches) and pulled out the print. it’s a really gross story, but i’m so glad he saved the print.

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  1. that is a gross story!!
    i absolutely hate those roaches!!
    i spent 2 nights in a badly infested apartment that my boyfriend found at the last minute when we moved to a another state. to this day whenever i see something out of the corner of my eye, i think it’s a cockroach crawling around! (i quickly found us another place, and luckily none of them moved w/ us!)
    you’re lucky none of them escaped the frame!!!

  2. can I ask how you secured the print to the frame? Is it just floating there between the glass and the backing, or did you fasten it somehow so it doesn’t move around?

  3. i used low-tack artist tape… but i’m not even sure if that’s ok, or if it will damage the print overtime. i hope not!

  4. Wow, what a story. The print sure looks good on your wall!

  5. love that gross story – so cool to have such a great print with such an interesting story associated with it. does your neighbor know you have it?

  6. wow that’s disgusting. cockroaches are the worst. glad your lovely new print is rid of them:) i’m sure it was very happy to be rescued.

  7. what a great story. i think new york probably has the best trash around – two of our friends found an eames lounger on the street while walking home from our apartment one night!

  8. what a score – but i guess it came with a little *gross* price. 😛

    also… if you really want to make sure the floatmount doesn’t damage the artwork, “linen hinging tape” for framing it will do the best job i think…
    that’s what i use to float my pieces – i was told never to use masking or artist tape, but not sure if it’s a big deal for prints.

  9. What a fantastic salvage, signed work but yuck, what a shame it was covered in cockroaches 😛 Glad it’s safe now, looks great in the frame.

  10. Great story, and lovely print! Things that have a tale attached are always the best things, don’t you think?

  11. you are so lucky&so am i . i also found a pitcure of almost the same print in the trash mine is a little driffrent it is signed the same as yours&it has a bulding behind it its pretty big&framed no bugs just lots of spider webbs.i cleaned it it is beautiful. i found one on the intenet almost the same for 1200.im amazed what people throw away.I LOVE MINE ITS A BEAUTY.CAROL.