i really want to do this succulent planter project from the july issue of living. i love succulents– they remind me of california. i bought a few earlier in the spring and they’ve grown a lot and seem to be thriving. i think this photo could inspire a new textile pattern or plate too…from my garden

currently inspired by kids’ artwork… i was very impressed with the perspective in this one!

our niece and nephews are coming to visit…
vintage bedspread and woven blanket

inspired by alison’s hello photoblog, i’ve been taking polaroids of patterns around my house. i love the way the film washes out certain colors, and gives the pattern a new look.

i walked around my old west village neighborhood today– to stop by the stores i used to visit weekly, and see the new ones that have opened up. i wanted to see the new hable store, but i was too early. next door was a new shop called camp on perry (the photos on the website don’t represent it that well), that i loved. it had a great mix of vintage and new stuff. also stopped by butikyoyamart… & cherry