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  1. I am absolutely in love with that first image.

    Before seeing your post (I think I’ve been a silent lurker until now), I was trying to decide which purse to take to the movies this afternoon. Can I borrow yours? 😉

  2. thanks everyone!
    the bag is a coach bag from the 80s. my mom gave it to me last time i was home. i’m so lucky! i love, love, it.

  3. Love it when that happens. I have a vintage Gucci that belonged to my Nonna. I cherish it so.

    BTW-Love the fabric on that couch and the cushions.


    I might have just found my next project.

    Stunning. Did you knit that?

  5. Lena,
    You always take such lovely pictures. I had to chime in because I was instantly taken with that blanket – is there a story behind it?
    Linda : )

  6. gorgeous! your blanket on the abck of the couch looks so perfectly at home there. i love it!

  7. i love the color combination on the cushion. did you make that yourself?