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  1. ahahahah lol LOOOVE IT! Did you know that Grace from designsponge posted these too? sooo many people were dissing them! I just adore all the mixed patterns…so pretty and sweet…there is a design innocence to them I think..as if these were the last picked fabrics at an estate sale…and the all the little orphaned patterns came together… 🙂

  2. ooo I like those too. Esp. the black and grey wallpaper. I have a wall all ready to go. Just have to commit. And I’m leaning on the Cavern papers.

  3. I love the last picture of the prints, the blue and the gold one!
    I just read saw Printing book the other day at the bookstore and I loved it!!!! You made me love prints even more!! I want to go print crazy! I must say you are super talented!!

  4. Oh I know! I love it! My family home in Barcelona had pattern upon pattern upon pattern, this makes me homesick.