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  1. Ohhh, he reminds me so much of Coco, they could be cousins, so cute! Where is his sweater?

  2. and what a fun snow day it was! i made friends with a corgi named ‘bunny,’ but i wish i could play with gus.

  3. what an adorable dog. :*) the last photo was the cutest. I think he is asking “are you sure you want me to go out in that snow? “

  4. Miss Lena,
    Gus…what a cutie.

    (Did you get the VJ shawl?
    I decided on the red pebble print for myself…;)

    Your post reminds me of Jack Ezra Keats…The Snowy Day and Whistle for Willie all rolled into one!

  5. Lena, would you mind sharing your enlarged photo secrets? I've got a photo blog of my own & would love to know how you did it! 🙂
    P.S. Cute pup!

  6. hi everyone….

    lea, yes he is!

    michelle, your pup coco is so cute. gus does usually need a sweater, but this was just a quick venture in the back yard…

    micaela, his name is gus.

    feli, yup that’s definitely the look he’s giving me!

    jennifer, i haven’t gotten the scarf yet, but i think i’m going to go for it today. thanks to erica, who just sent me a link for a good sale. i love ezra jack keats too.

    angela, i changed the dimensions in the html, in the settings section. i had the help of my husband who is a web developer, so i’m sorry i can’t be more helpful! now i have to link to an image that is already hosted online, either in flickr or on my own server.

  7. omg, your dog is so cute! i envy your snowy weather, it’s in the low 90’s here in los angeles.