my classes and workshops this fall/winter have been a lot of fun. i’ve loved meeting so many creative people. thanks to everyone who signed up! the photos above are projects from the screen printing, stamping, and doll making classes (having class at night has made it hard to take good photos). i’m looking forward to all the classes to come in 2009!

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  1. wow looks like you had some super talented people in your classes! (and you and Sian are probably very good teachers too)

  2. Said it before- wish I could’ve come.
    Lena, you should do some classes in SF! I would definitely try to come up from LA.
    What wonderful ideas people have.
    Love that feather t-shirt, but all the projects look great.

    Love the new Lines and Shapes, as well as Feast- I think I’m going to try to make Ruth’s cranberry pie today!

  3. I second Jennifer’s request for some SF or LA classes. I’m in if you come this way!

    The feather tees are great and I love the green flowered block prints!

    Beautiful work!

  4. oh i got standard to make me a new feather screen! they are totally perfect now. i loved this class! i miss seeing you and gus!

  5. if these classes started at between 630-7pm I could make it… but i don’t get off work until 6. Have you thought about weekends any?