new class announcement – – –

i’m offering two, one evening STAMPING workshops in december.
monday 12/1 & 12/8
6:00 – 8:00pm

STAMPING WORKSHOP class description:
spend an evening stamping gifts for friends and family. all materials for stamping will be supplied for you, and you will need to bring blank cards, notebooks, t-shirts, tote bags, fabric, etcetera. several handmade stamps will be available for use (photos above), or you can carve your own. snacks & hot cider will be served! if you’ve been wanting to make handmade gifts but are short on time, this will be a good way to get a slew of gifts made in one evening.

to sign up, email: lena [at]

class space is limited.

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  1. Lena,
    I wish I lived in NYC so I could sign up. Sounds delightful.
    …and I’m kind of embarrassed to do this, but you and your blog, book, heave really been such an inspiration to me. I have some hand printed textiles on my blog (some mine, some by others) that you might like to see.

  2. Hi Lena, I write you from the south of the Italy; I admire a lot of your jobs. In fact I have made to send your very beautiful and instructive book “Printing by Hand”. I Always Follow Your BLOG, In fact It’s Inserted Among Mine Preferred.
    Regards Giovanna

  3. Lena, that looks fantastic! Please come to Denver too (on your way to San Fran)! LOL. Fancy Tiger (fab indie shop here in Denver) has space for workshops. (AND even better, I live right by there so I could easily come take your workshop!)


  4. thanks tia,
    the photos in this post were taken by photographer thayer allyson gowdy (with a very fancy digital camera!). but i use a nikon d40.

  5. Oh, why do I live here in the Netherlands… It sounds so great, this workshop.
    Have fun all and Lena, love your work!

  6. wow sounds great! I whish I could be there, but the netherlands are just a little to far away…

  7. Please consider offering one of your classes on a weekend. I know it’s better for you during the week, but maybe a one-day workshop on a Saturday sometime in the future?

  8. Oh, if only you were giving your class in the Los Angeles area! I’ve always wanted to try this!

    Lena, is your book a good one for beginners? Or would it be over my head?

    And on my blog this morning are some yummy hot cocoa recipes just in time for the holidays!

    Meg 🙂

  9. Well it sounds like you could book a world tour and stamp, stamp, stamp your way across the globe! I’ll host you here in Austin if you make it to Texas!