i wish i were in portland, oregon today, so could go to mav and stephanie‘s 3191 party at life + limb (and also visit my college friends!). for two weeks m & s are journalling their time in the two portlands, celebrating their beautiful book. i’ve been meaning to do a post about a year of mornings… i’ve had it for a while now and i think i’ve been putting it off because it’s so wonderful i’m not sure what to write. it’s the most beautiful book i’ve seen in 2008. its so sweet and magical, and i never get tired of flipping through it. it’s the perfect holiday gift, and i plan on giving it to several people. select diptychs from the book are being sold (beauitfully framed) at life + limb in oregon, and at rabelais in maine, and i think online soon too. below are the details for the events.

life + limb
portland, oregon


portland, maine

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  1. I love this book and the blog! I alos findyour blog just delightful. Will be popping by again soon. xx

  2. i take this wonderful book with me quite a bit. it’s great to flip thru on the subway.

  3. the photographs are so beautiful.. it’s all excellent work.. i’d love to be involved somehow..

    have a great weekend!