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  1. hi lena,
    just wanted to let you know that i squealed in delight when i saw your feature on domino. i didn’t know you were gonna be there, so it was a wonderful surprise!

  2. i love the colors and patterns – have been looking for a rug for my bedroom for a while…now i’m inspired!

  3. i love your new book! i made a stamp for my camp fire group and all the girls want to make their own now. it was so fun carving it and the result was amazing! i made linoleum cut blocks in college (20 years ago!) and loved the process but these rubber blocks are so much easier. thanks for such a great and easy to use book! also, i bought the knitting and weaving books you illustrated. we are making the dolls from the weaving book sometime soon (my camp fire group is) the girls love looking through both books.


    if you ever come to southern california, come to one our meetings as a guest speaker!