* i’m copying and pasting my posts from the old bluelines blog, so i have them in my own archives…

I just got back from a quick trip to Portland, Maine. I was there to work, but spent a big portion of the time eating! It was all so delicious.
Here are some snapshots of my meals in Portland (dining in and out), and a list of restaurants I recommend:






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  1. Hello from Canada! Lena, I just bought your book! I am so, so excited. I just zipped through it with a cup of tea before dinner and now I am going to settle down into it! I will send you a pic of a project completed.

  2. Thanks for taking on the task of archiving your Bluelines posts! They will be a nice addition to your own blog, which is already pretty darn awesome! (And let’s not forget your book, or your Domino feature…)

  3. hi Lena, isn’t Portland, Maine beautiful?! What did you think of the town? I was there this summer and absolutely most positively love the people there !

  4. Hi! Your blog is lovely! I read it often, but the mention of Fore Street outed me and I must comment, because I love that restaurant!

    I live in Boston but we drive up to Portland every few months just to eat at Fore St. So delicious. I’m glad you enjoyed it too!