i got a copy of a very sweet and funny graphic novel called at a crossroads, between a rock and my parent’s place, by kate t. williamson. i was a fan of her work from her previous book, a year in japan. her drawing style reminded me then of sian keegan, and still does.. some of my favorite pages in the book are the full-page illustrations without text. although the story is great too… you can read more about kate’s work and her books here. and here.

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  1. nice, I didn’t know about this one! I have A Year in Japan and love her work. Thanks for the post.

  2. Ditto…I have a Year in Japan, but didn’t realize she has a new book too! I’ll look for it on my next trip to the book store. Thanks!

  3. in agreement – so pretty! Especially the paper it is printed on – super hearty. :))

  4. i LOVE a year in japan. it’s one of those little books that i re-read every now and then.

    and my gosh, it’s nice to know a new book has come out! last time i saw this on the chronicle website, it was on pre-order status and i was wondering what the inside looked like. so thanks for sharing!

  5. this is good news for me, i got the book ‘ a year in japan’ last summer, and it is beautiful.

  6. i bought this on your recommendation and loved it!! i’m going to get a year in japan now, too. thank you!