the weather is finally warm and i think it’s giving me more energy because i’ve been cooking a lot lately. last week i tried two new recipes… this quiche, and this poached salmon and zucchini (i used arctic char). both were sooo delicious. and i’ve been making mixed fruit smoothies with tangy greek yogurt… which happens to match my tablecloth very well.

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  1. oooh Lena. I love your photos… you make the simplest of things look so stunning. I love that delicious-looking smoothie and matching tablecloth…! you find inspiration hidden in the most unlikely places 🙂 it’s a gift.

  2. lena, you’re blowing my mind with all this awesome color! kansas is still very cold, and spring has not sprung. i have to admit that last night when i saw your quiche on flickr i got an intense craving (i’m very suggestible), and i went out and bought one because i was too lazy to make it! but i’m going to try to make one later on in the week.

  3. spring is energizing me so much too. i love that it seems like the whole city just burst into bloom one night. so beautiful.

  4. what a beautiful tree! do you know what kind it is? amazing. makes me so anxious for the buds to pop here in chicago. 🙂

  5. Wow, it looks amazing and tasty. I love this time a year when it starts getting a little more colourful. Hooray for pinks and greens 🙂

  6. I love quiche! I sometimes do it with wild asparagus and mushrooms. If you like them it’s delicious…
    Wonderful pink photos combination…

  7. the pinks and yellows together are so pretty! thanks for such a lovely post!