i went to the whitney biennial last week, and there were two artists whose exhibits i was drawn to most– matthew brannon and leslie hewitt. i couldn’t find good images online of brannon’s beautiful letter press prints, but i did find a few other peices online, and it reminded me that i’ve seen and admired his work before. i loved the “everyday” subject matter of hewitt’s photography and how it was so humbly displayed in wooden frames, which were leaning against the walls on the floor.

top two images: leslie hewitt
bottom two: matthew brannon

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  1. I’m french and i love your style. Your blog is wonderfull, just see mine and tell me what you think

  2. We seem to be on the same page lately. I loved Matthew Brannon’s work so much at the Whitney it was wonderful to go into his room. i thought it was beautiful.

  3. sigh, i wish i’m in NYC now. all of them look so interesting….hoping for a trip…..