some favorites from japanese shop klala.

i was honored that klala wanted to use a photo of mine for their holiday card, for a second year in a row. and i was thrilled to get a small mina perhonen purse in the mail from the klala shop owner. thank you tokio!

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  1. oh i love bjorn winblad plates.
    so many pretty things in that store. i’ve been trying to search for a few on ebay…

  2. Hi Lena… I love your blog and visit every day 🙂 Thanks for sharing such beautiful things here! I have started my own blog recently, and have just written a brief little post about you and about Mina Perhonen. I’ve linked back to you… hope this is ok! Thanks again, Lucy

  3. How cool! It is a great photo. I love that shop, I want everything in there, If only I could read Japanese.

  4. Those top two items are hilarious! I love them. It reminds me of a set of memory pairs cards I had when I was little, which makes me like them even more!