our neighbor to the right has a maple tree, and it drops the most beautiful leaves in our yard in the fall. i hope they never chop it down (something i wouldn’t be that surprised by, sadly…)

so much to get done in the next few days… we’re having thanksgiving here for the third year in a row. this time we’re going to barbecue the turkey. yikes! everyone we’ve talked to who has done it before says it’s so easy and really delicious. i hope so! i’m trying a few other dishes a little differently this year, and it makes me a little nervous. i’m making mashed potatoes and parsnips with truffle oil, instead of regular old mashed potatoes. and a watercress and sweet potato salad, with feta and toasted walnuts, found here. we have a nice mix of family and friends coming, and i think it’s going to be a fun one.

back to work…

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  1. Beautiful colors on those leaves, Lena! It’s really leave turning time in New York now. I meant to go to Prospect Park this weekend for the leaves but didn’t get a chance….

    I hope I didn’t miss an announcement regarding your silkscreening class?

  2. thanks a,
    i just walked through fort greene park and it was so beautiful, even with the lousy (but cozy) weather.

    you haven’t missed an announcement!
    one is coming soon… glad to hear you’re interested!

  3. Your description of the food matches the colours of your photos perfectly. Hope you have a happy Thanksgiving!