i just started reading the great new book craft inc. by meg mateo ilasco. it’s full of so much information, for people who want to start a small business, and people like me who have a small business already but sometimes struggle with the “business” side of things! the book is a really great mix of interviews and practical information, and i highly recommend it! meg actually interviewed me for the book, but my interview got cut. oh well! i was really honored that she wanted to include me. thank you so much meg!

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  1. you are the second person who recommended this book. i asked the library to order. wonder how long that takes?!

  2. this is something I think about…daily, I’m definitely getting this book thanks for the tip Lena!

  3. i’ve just ordered mine and can’t wait to get it. so sorry your interview was cut….would’ve loved to have read it!

  4. thanks for posting about the book lena. (i thought you were in sweden already so i haven’t checked your blog lately.) i really wish your interview could’ve been included. i’m sure we’ll do something together again real soon! :]

  5. thanks for recommendation. im also in the “i already have a small business and need help with the “business” side” category. im off to amazon to order a copy! btw, i LOVE your taste, i think you would love my little vintage shop on etsy http://www.ramonawest.etsy.com (and my handmade clutches made from recycled vintage fabric http://www.ramonawest.net) cheers!