we took a quick trip to woodstock, ny over the weekend. i was excited to check out the woodstock flea market, and do some yard sale hunting… we did both, but i left with only one purchase: a nice vintage butter dish.

we stayed in a cute cabin, lent to us by one of josh’s colleagues. it was half renovated; the owner’s have started at one end and are working their way to the other. it was interesting to see the stark contrast of the two ends of the house. i loved some of the details in the un-renovated end, and wondered what they will choose to keep. it had wood paneling and felt very dark, but i loved the rustic, cabin-y feel. the new end of the house was much brighter, with new walls, tiles, and taupe paint– very “urban” design choices, and no trace of the old cabin look… i had fun fantasizing about how i would want to renovate an old cabin myself, and combine modern amenities but retain the cabin charm!

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  1. oh my gosh – we had that same floor at my parents’ house when I was growing up. They could not WAIT to get rid of it. Funny how now it is kindof cool and retro.

  2. That’s so weird – I was also in Woodstock over the weekend and stayed in an Airstream @ Kate’s Lazy Meadow. We also hit the flea market but on Sunday, not Saturday.

    Man, that chocolate pound cake @ Bread Alone is delicious (and strangely, the only vegan thing there!)

  3. hi jesse
    did you like staying at Kate’s Lazy Meadow? i’ve always wanted to stay there.

    did you go to Joshua’s? it’s expensive, but i LOVE that place!

  4. I really enjoyed the stay at Kate’s. The Airstream showering experience and weird toilet took some getting used to but it felt pretty spacious and we had our own hammock and grill. The trailer was really cute.

    We didn’t know how much there would be to eat nearby since one of us is vegan and the other vegetarian, so we stupidly brought a bunch of veggies/whatnot in a cooler to grill so the only night we ate out was at Garden on the Green.

    What is Joshua’s? I hadn’t noticed it in the main stretch of town i.e. 212/Tinker.

  5. oh you have to go to Joshua’s next time! it’s on the other end of the main street from from Bread Alone (further out of town if you’re coming from nyc), and it’s a mostly vegetarian/vegan restaurant. i can never decide what to get because i want everything.

  6. I also left a comment on your flickr stream but… that is the same floor that is still at my grandparents’ house! Thank you for reminding me of childhood summer visits with them by posting that patterned floor!

  7. this is exactly the sort of thing i’m dealing with right now, (we chatted about this before actually) except that we’re moving into a rental so it’s only minor changes to think about. we have a LOT of dark wood paneling in the house and i need to find a way to lighten it all up, but still let it be what it is….etc.

  8. I'd like to go there too, because I've heard that not only I can get a perfect market but also I can get a perfect city and also people are so kind there.