our slow and steady packing style has been kicked into high speed now that we have less than 2 weeks ’til the move. the comments left on my posts about NYC memories were so sweet and encouraging– thank you so much! many of them made me cry. i hope i can find time to type out the rest.

a few photos above from a big party we had before thanksgiving, with 10 kinds of lasagna and the best company.


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  1. Lena,

    just catching up on your blog, and have now found out you guys are moving to California. I’m sure lots of bittersweetness is happening right now… :/ I loved reading your memories of New York, I only lived there for 9 years[ 00-09 ] and realized I had forgotten so many things until your post. I hope your guys’ move goes well… if you ever make your way to Utah, please come visit…. and know that you and your little family can always stay with us…we have two guest bedrooms that are quite cozy. :]