thanks readymade magazine, for asking me to share a homemade holiday gift project in their december issue. that’s my printed handkerchief project above. the hanky is made with a freezer paper stencil and fabric ink. thanks to sarah neuburger for introducing me to using freezer paper for stenciling, back in april, on her blog! i’ve found so many uses for it ever since. there are thirteen projects in total, by designers: lotta jansdotter, jenny hart, 31 corn lane, & the curiosity shoppe… to name a few!

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  1. Love your hanky! What a great, fun idea! So happy to be in the same gift package as you!
    -Derek from The Curiosity Shoppe/Guild

  2. Just curious….

    where in Brooklyn are you buying your freezer paper? I’m in park slope and find myself troubled

  3. hi erin,
    i buy it online… from either
    dharma, (if you want to invest in a huge roll!)

    i don’t know of anywhere in Brooklyn. i buy a lot of my art supplies at the Pratt store, but i’ve never looked to see if they have freezer paper.