last week we were in northern new hampshire visiting josh’s family. it’s so green there in the summer. we did our usual things… picked berries, swam in a lake, and went yard sale-ing. the mug in the top photo is the only new thing i bought– from a great place in town called WREN.

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  1. That sounds fun! Good summer times. Stuff you don’t get to do in NY. ; )

    I love the lighting in these photos–so beautiful. Perfect capture of summer light. Are you using your new camera? I’m jealous. I never take real photos anymore, and this makes me miss it.

    • yes- new camera! i love it.
      but i’m not sure about this lens. i might exchange it– and i feel like i should take a class on using this camera.

      hey– it’s nice to still be blogging!

  2. aw, you were in nh! nice yard sale finds and josh’s parents place looks like a place i’d like to poke around in!