summer dreaming!

i met with samara of muny yesterday to talk about a possible collaboration. i asked her to save one of these dresses for me. i can’t wait to wear it during the summer heat.


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  1. oh my, i love these! i didn’t realize she was making dresses, too. just ordered one in green, but i want one in each color!

  2. Hello Lena!

    I wrote to you last November after the hurricane as i was coming to NY and asked for your advice on whether i should postpone the trip or not. I have decided to come next week and was wondering if you could suggest some places for me to check out. I have Sibella’s Courts Guide to NY, but any other suggestions would be welcome!!

    Hope you have a fantastic trip to Berlin! We our leaving our 4 kids home as well (and my youngest is the same age as Eli) i am excited yet nervous!


      • We are staying near Times Square…but i really want to explore Brooklyn. Also, do you recommend a good tattoo artist?


        • hi amanda,
          my friend’s boyfriend is a tattoo artist and his website is

          it’s hard for me to think of what to suggest without knowing what you’re interested in! but here are some of my favorite spots. hope you have a wonderful trip!

          IN SOHO:

          –Kiosk (an unusual little shop in soho, upstairs),

          –Hampton Chutney (yummy lunch place for indian dosas),

          –Pearl River Mart and Muji, +

          –Purl Soho yarn and fabric store,


          –Brooklyn Flea (indoor winter Flea),

          –Brooklyn Sandwich Society,


          –Greenlight Bookstore,

          • Thank you so much!!! I am excited to check these places out.!

            Hope you have a great trip away as well 🙂