thanks dear ada for the link to ace jet 170— a design blog that has some really wonderful photos of penguin poet books from the 50’s a 60’s. these books seriously make my heart flutter. i wish i could afford to start a collection. many of them were created by stephen russ, a textile designer i want to learn more about. this top one is my favorite…. ahhh, so incredibly inspiring.

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  1. Hi Lena,
    Thanks for posting the link to Ace Jet 170. I’ve got lots more of those Penguin poets, I’ll be uploading more over the next few weeks.

  2. Thanks for the kind call out. And yes, I’m also very intrigued by Mr. Russ’ work. It would be good to find out more about him. And PS, love your blog.

  3. Stunning!..I love them…

    I think there is some mention of Stephen Russ in the book that accompanied the exhib at the V&A London about Penguin Jacket Design {you prob have it already?}….I’ll have a look…

    His work is amazing, I agree – it would be great to find out more about him 🙂

  4. Oh these are beautiful, I thought they were wrapping papers at first, id love to have the backs of my shelves lined in them for decoration!!!

  5. thanks for letting me know about ‘Ace Jet 170’ – its a nice blog. love the penguin poets.

  6. hi abigail!

    i don’t have the penguin jacket design book (it’s on my wish list, along with that josef frank book you showed recently- that looks incredible)… let me know what you find out!

  7. I agree, those are really wonderful patterns. Thanks for introducing me to Penguin Poets and ace jet 170 blog.

  8. You would love the book…it is really divine! – and yes, there is a little bit about Russ’ work in the book after all…although not much actual information about him per se.

    There is a wonderful double page spread of all his poet books stacked together and shot end-on…as well as covers he did more in the illustration side of things {including Lady Chatterly’s Lover! ;)}….I can photograph the pages and email them to you if you like?

    I have just found {and snapped up!} one of the books {or as I like to think – his covers} on eBay for 49 pence!! so….maybe that collection is not out of reach after all! — I have to say, I am not a poetry girl, so feel these belong in a frame as works of art. I am in LOVE – Thank you Lena!

    …have a great weekend, xx

  9. hi abigail
    oh thanks, i would really love to see the spread on the books by russ, if you really don’t mind emailing it! i’ve just added the book to my amazon wish list, but i have so many art/design books on the list and i only allow myself to buy from my wish list now and then… since i sort have have a problem spending lots of money on art books! i did just order russ’ instruction fabric printing book, so i’ll let you know how that is. and i’m going to scope out ebay for some the poetry books!

  10. i saw that 1st book on ace jet for the first time a few days ago + it was so striking, i had to comment, but i didn’t see all the others, so thank you for posting these. i haven’t checked out your blog in months, so i have to catch up. you post such a wide range of design. you have an amazing eye.