MEATLESS cookbook giveaway

i recently asked shira bocar, a friend and food editor at martha stewart, if she could recommend a cookbook similar to everyday food, great food fast– the cookbook i’ve used most over the years. coincidentally, a beautiful new book she put together, along with her colleagues at martha stewart, has just come out: meatless. while i’m not vegetarian, i have naturally been mostly-vegetarian all my life. the cookbook is big, with over 200 recipes. it’s a really fantastic cook book and i’m happy to be giving away two copies!

to enter, leave a comment (and enter your email address) below. winners will be chosen on monday evening.

the bottom two images are snapshots shira took during the making of the meatless–– one of photographs tacked up during a photo shoot, and the other of her favorite recipe from the book, the orzo salad with roasted carrots and dill (pg 282).

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  1. This looks like a great new cookbook! I always love Martha Stewart recipes and I am a vegetarian so it would be perfect!

  2. i’ve got a goal to get my weight in order this year so i can focus on trying to get pregnant! this book would be an awesome help!

  3. I’ve been eyeing this cookbook for a few days now. I’m glad to hear a positive recommendation!

  4. i had just added this to my wish list — it looks amazing. thanks for hosting this giveaway, lena! 🙂

  5. thanks so much for this giveaway! i would be so thrilled to have this cookbook . my new year’s resolution is to cook more and i am really inspired just looking at these photos.

  6. Exactly the kind of book I’m looking for as I move to cooking more at home! Thanks for the review.

  7. I’ve been hearing lots of great things about this book and the recipes here look right up my alley!

  8. the photos recipes in this cookbook look amazing. I have been super busy as of late and am feeling low on cooking inspiration. this cookbook looks like it would contain just the inspiration I need!

  9. I’m dying to see this! We stopped eating meat at home about 6 months ago, so this would be great!!

    annimiller at

  10. Oooo I would love to be the proud owner of one of these cookbooks – Martha recipes are some of my favorites!
    Thanks for sharing Lena.

  11. This I could not pass. A challenge also for this year to cook new things and meet more friends around the same table.

    Also I thought first that it is a book made by you by looking the pictures.

    Frosty -17°C greetings with a beautiful crescent of the Moon on a starry Finnish sky.

  12. this book looks so good and i really like the title! i’m also mostly but not strictly veggie.

  13. I’ve been a fan of Martha Stewart since I was a little girl. Martha Stewart Living was the show that really inspired me to do crafts at a young age, and also to start cooking even before the Food Network. It makes me super happy to still see MSL books, and this new one looks really great. Your friend Shira and her team are so talented. :•)

  14. Oh yum. Would love to receive this cookbook. Looks divine. We are always interested in discovering new ways to prepare and cook veggies. Thank you!!

  15. My boyfriend and I are vegetarian and in a dinner rut. This is JUST what we need! What a wonderful and perfectly timed giveaway 🙂

  16. I hardly buy anything for myself. I cannot seem to do it. It’s like a chronic condition that, while you still wish to purchase those special things you find, makes you look for someone you love to gift it to.
    Your Printing by Hand book is one of the very few items (together they don’t make an handful) that I awarded myself with.
    Although I would love to have this one, I would instead offer it to my amazing friend Pami. She is a super woman (the strongest I’ve seen) and a brilliant self taught baker and chef. While she runs the organic baker in a small eco-village for handicapped people, her partner makes cosmetics and grows odd looking plants in the dark of the icelandic days. They are my most authentic, open, generous friends and I am so so thankful for having them in my life.

  17. Living deep in the heart of BBQ country it’s hard to go ‘meatless’ but we really do try!

  18. New Year and in need of new inspiration. This looks great! Thanks for offering up a chance to own it.

  19. both my husband and i are vegetarians and we would just love to have a copy of this book. thanks for the contest!


  20. This looks perfect, thanks for posting and for the chance. We’re the same, we don’t buy meat but I’ll eat (and enjoy) it when offered. Also, I just love a cook book that has a ton of photos!

  21. Woah! Yum. An inspiring way to start the new year in healthy delicious way. All those greens yellow and oranges are making me hungry. A great addition to any ones cookbook collection”go to”. Need

  22. I’ve been mostly vegetarian for over twenty years and a surprising number of my standby dishes come from Martha Stewart. I’d love to add this book on my shelf.

  23. ok, i’m a lifetime vegetarian who struggles constantly to come up with new dinner ideas – so i am definitely throwing my hat in on this contest. thanks lena!

  24. Oh how very nice! I first assumed as well that it was a new book from you!
    I don’t know if its because its the beginning of a new year, but I have been looking for new recipes the last couple of days, particular vegetable ones. This book looks like it would be just the right one to provide what I am looking for. Thanks for the give away! Have a nice weekend. We are getting lots of snow at the moment here in the south of the England.

  25. There are so many different and interesting veggies, herbs, and grains, and many wonderful ways to pair them and cook them. I’d like to try them all. Thanks Lena!

  26. I am a regular visitor of your blog and I adore it. thank you.
    last months I started to enjoy healthy, vegetarian meals since my boyfriend is a vegetarian. obviously, it is true what they say in our country, love goes trough the stomach.

  27. I’ve been wanting to add this one to my ever-growing collection of cookbooks! Thanks for the chance to win a copy!

  28. i would love to have some new recipes! and these look good!
    Thank you for the nice giveaway.

  29. While I’m no longer strictly vegetarian, I still eat meatless the vast majority of the time. This cookbook not only looks beautiful but practical. I’m always a fan of the recipes from the Martha Stewart team.

  30. This looks great! I’ve been a vegetarian (pescatarian actually) for 20 years now but am always looking for new inspiration. Thanks, Lena : )

  31. I’ve been looking for a new veg cookbook- my Vegetarian Epicure and Mosswood Cookbook have been totally exhausted and they’re tattered spines show it!

  32. this sounds like a perfect cookbook for me – since i´m actually eating meatfree and i´m always looking for new ideas. it looks very delicous…

  33. What a fantastic giveaway. My family is not vegetarian but we only eat meat once or twice a week. I feel like we go through periods of cooking the same weekly menu for a while. This cookbook looks like a wonderful incorporate some new to us meals. The photographs are making me hungry!

  34. This cookbook looks amazing. I’ve been a veggie for 10+ years and am always looking for new recipes!

  35. One look at those pages and I’m suddenly starving. Love all new ways to cook vegetarian. Thanks for posting the giveaway Lena!

  36. I have great food fast, but I find myself mostly making the vegetarian recipes so this book would be perfect for me! Thank you for hosting the giveaway.

  37. oooh! I am meatless and love cooking! New recipes and beautiful food photos are inspiring in the kitchen!

  38. I’m a vegetarian and am always on the lookout for inspring new recipes – this book looks great! Thanks for the giveaway.

  39. I’ve been stuck in a cooking rut lately and this book looks like one I could enjoy. Thank you for this opportunity.

  40. Ohhhhh!!!! Me, please….please, please, please! This looks absolutely delicious and amazing.

  41. oh, i would love to win this! i cook mostly meatless food, so it’d be great to have some new inspiration. thanks for the giveaway, lena!

  42. What a lovely giveaway! For years I have been an only occasional meat eater but I recently decided to go completely vegetarian and a wonderful book like this would definitely help to learn more about ingredients that I am not very familiar with.

  43. Looks great – and exactly what we could use in our home, now we decided to go vegetarian again. I met my husband vegetarian – actually we met in an Yoga Ashram by the Ganges in India – but then our 1st child was born, and i was pregnant w no 2 and started craving fat fish and meat….But now I wish for us all to get back to mostly vegetarian food again – and I am sure ingredients and recipes changed in those 10 years – cant wait to see this book for real!Thank you for showing it to us

  44. ohh this looks amazing! i’ve been vegetarian for over 20 years now and i’m always on the lookout for great recipes. fingers crossed 🙂

  45. What a wonderful book – yummy photos! Would love to start eating less meat and this looks like a good book to help!

  46. i’ve loved the previews of the book featured in the MS magazines. always in need of new ideas for dinner. thank you for the giveaway!

  47. I’d love another great vegetarian cookbook. And by the way, I would recommend the Rebar Modern Food Cookbook. It’s from a great restaurant in Victoria, British Columbia and has been my go to vegetarian cookbook for years.