muny has a new line of printed scarves – all hand woven and block printed with vegetable dyes in india. designer samara mahendru lives in my neighborhood and we often bump into each other at the farmer’s market and chat about textiles and buisness. i love her work, and i’m happy to offer one scarf as a giveaway. to enter, choose which scarf you would like here and leave a comment with your choice. shipping is included and international entries are welcome. a winner will be chosen on monday evening!


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  1. hard to decide, but i would choose the “black dotty line scarf” … thank you so much for this giveaway lena.

  2. Hi!
    It’s very hard to choose one, I love them all! But my heart goes to the black buti.
    Thanks for this giveaway!

  3. oh what lovely scarves ! i would love a chance to win one of the red ones please.
    thank you !

  4. Oh it is hard to choose, her designs are so classic and lovely! I do like the black dotty line scarf the best. Thank you for hosting such a nice giveaway 🙂

  5. thanks so much for this giveaway – these are beautiful! the black dotty line scarf would be my pick.

  6. All of these scarves are so lovely…the black dotty line one is my favorite. What a wonderful giveaway!

  7. Love them all- but I think the red Triangle print is my favorite esp when coiled- gorgeous scarves- and they are my favorite accessory! Always love your pics and presentation, Lena.

  8. I love all of the prints, but think I would especially enjoy the red zigzag stripes print. Thank you!

  9. black dotty line scarf is my choice too.
    they’re all beautiful, but I love the way that print is framed within the scarf.
    thanks lena x

  10. This might be the first blog contest I have ever entered, but I love these too much! I am torn about which is my favorite, although I think I choose the black triangles.

  11. Beautiful scarves, and they look so soft. I guess I am a bit of a sucker for that graphic black triangles print. Thank you Lena, and Muny!

  12. oooohweeee, i love them all, especially the black repeat, but i would die for the red triangle for a little pop!

  13. the red and white zig-zag-zing… straight to the heart… thank you for this opportunity… take good care!

  14. What lovely scarves — and I love that you bump into the designer at the market! My favorite is the black dotty line pattern.

  15. Hi Lena,
    What a great giveaway, I’d love to enter. I really like the black & white scarf in the middle photo (with triangles or dots, hard to tell). Thanks!

  16. I would like to bump into you two at your farmers market! Shame that it is not around my corner! Thank you so much for your blog, I have been following it since I bought your book printing by hand (couple of years ago). This book encouraged me to set up my own business and your pictures and finds are always inspirational. If I would win one of these amazing scarfs, I would like the black dotted one, shown on your second picture – but they are all beautiful! thanks for sharing, best wishes Alice.

  17. I’m a long-time reader of your blog, and I honestly feel a bit funny delurking for a giveaway (will Santa bring me coal this year now?)…but the dotty stripes one would totally go with everything I own. Even the things it wouldn’t (shouldn’t?)! 😉

    Anyway, thank you for all the wonderful inspiration you have on offer here. I always find the best stuff through you.

  18. how does one decide??? i want them all!
    i think everyone could wear the red triangles daily….

    and as an aside – what GREAT neighbourhood inspiration, to have wonderful makers around you constantly… that’s so wonderful!

  19. Very difficult choice, they’re all so lovely! The Black Dotty Line though, if I had to choose 🙂

  20. I love them. My first instinct is always red so I will choose the red triangle. Though the black dotty line is so nice.

  21. hi lena!
    i love the black triangles! that’s great they make scarves now, i have a muny quilt & blanket for alice and love them. so talented.
    thanks for the great giveaway!

  22. What beautiful and generous gift to share! The red triangles hand printed scarf is lovely. Happy holidays!

  23. The dark one from the second photo… always lovely to hear about traditional techniques being preserved and old school crafts-people making money – not just here but in other places, like India, where so much is being lost… Cheers.

  24. these are so beautiful. i really like the ‘black dotty line’ scarf. so versitile yet special.

  25. I love them all, but must say the red triangle print reminds me of birds in flight and pin wheels. Thank you for the give away!

  26. I love the red one in the second photo. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway and for introducing me to this lovely company.

  27. Oh what a treat. Red handprinted triangles would be well used to cover up from the Australian sun. X Emma
    And by the way thank you for this ever inspiring space!

  28. I have been coveting a Muny quilt for quite a while now. I love that she has added scarves to her line. They are all so lovely, although I think the dotty line scarf would be my top choice.
    Thanks for the wonderful giveaway.

  29. all so beautiful and simple…. i think my faves are the red zigzag stripes and black dotty line. thank you for sharing!

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