+ we went to a picnic yesterday and a friend made rice balls. they were so good, i need her to teach me how to make them.

+ i bought weck glass jars to use instead of plastic tupperware. it inspired us to make peach jam and refrigerator pickles.

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  1. I've been meaning to replace my plastic with glass, too.
    I'm intrigued by the rice balls. Sounds like good picnic food, and I like the way they're spaced apart in the casserole dish.

  2. I've been admiring your blog for a while now and only just realised that you are the author of Printing by Hand that was gifted at Christmas. Now I am more eager than ever to try out my own printing!

    Lyndsay x

  3. Glass is millions times better!
    Do you have the receipe for the rice balls? They look inspiring!

  4. I love those Weck jars, and they look beautiful in the fridge! Nice to be able to see what's inside without even opening the lid.

  5. Weck jars are so nice to look at. I've been planning to buy them for a while now but the nearest place I know of that sells them is a bit of a drive for me.

  6. hi everyone
    my friend June is going to type up the recipe for the rice balls. coming soon…

  7. Love those glass jars! I've also been making the switch over to glass tupperware, etc. So hard to eliminate all plastics…

  8. beautiful and yum! i hope june makes us some rice balls next time we visit!
    xo, patty

  9. i bought these styles:


    i ordered them by the case from weck online (i went in on them with friends so we split up the cases and will get a few of each shape).

  10. Thanks, that helps a lot! I wish I had some friends to split with but maybe I can use some for Christmas presents.

  11. Funny how many of us were moved by the jars! We are moving away from plastic too… and there is something about a prettily stocked pantry or fridge that can make you feel so happy 🙂

  12. I know the point is to get rid of plastics, but I recently found that you can buy the WECK plastic lids for refrigerator storage and it makes it so much easier. I kept loosing the metallic clips!

  13. i'm glad to know plastic lids are available too- i will look out for them. i'm trying not to store food in plastic anymore, but i don't think it matters as much for the lid.