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today, our neighborhood was filled with kids getting out of school for the start of summer vacation. it made me long for summers off and travel plans. we have some trips coming up that i’m excited about, but thinking about all the maps i have drawn, martha’s vineyard and venice are at the top of my list of places i would like to be right now.

in celebration of the start of summer, i’m dropping the price of MAPS books from $35 to $30, and offering free US shipping (books will ship via media mail), from now until monday, july 4th.

also– i will give away one book to a commenter (chosen at random). what are you doing this summer?

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  1. lots of day trips,
    and attempting to drive all through the southwest with two kids for a couple of weeks 🙂

  2. hoping to get some camping done and enjoy time in the city (halifax) with my boyfriend. i hope you have a lovely summer!

  3. My summer plans are mostly limited to the soul-crushing pursuit of finding a job now that school is over…

  4. I don't actually have any holiday summerplans for the first time ever. But all for a good cause! I'm moving to London at the start of October so just gonna earn money now cause I'll need it for the big city! Exciiiiiting.

  5. this is a summer of weddings for me. it's a great excuse to travel and see friends and family. thanks for the chance to win!

  6. Love those maps! Can you do one of California or New Mexico? Great design. . .

  7. i am going to Barcelona! Enjoying the city, and the beautiful weather.
    Have a lovely summer! 🙂

  8. lena…do you sell prints of the maps? i grew up on mv and would love a print for my son's bedroom! p.s i love wee textile.

  9. My little family has a lot of live outdoor music planned for our summer. Some camping festivals, some one day events. Fun!


  10. Upcoming summer highlights: Cape Cod sunsets, outdoor Bon Iver concert, and an August wedding…

  11. headed to Kentucky to visit my family. Bracing myself for humidity and mosquitoes, but the family time by the creek will be worth it. 🙂

    take care

  12. we'll try to spend a relaxing summer at home, in connecticut. after the most difficult year of my life.

  13. We are packing up the car with the baby, the cat, bikes and a canoe and are heading to Cape Cod for the summer. Yes, we are totally going to be one of "those cars" that we normally would poke fun of. Yay for academic year jobs! Yay for family vacations of beach going, lobster rolls and a healthy amount of ice cream!!


  14. Hanging out with my baby indigo and buying our first home! Yay! Best summer ever!

  15. I just came back from a two week trip to the east coast with my cousin as her graduation present. I have a weekend trip to Newport Beach coming up — will drive down with a friend — mini road trip! And lots and lots of staycations in the bay area!

  16. Oh, now I'm going to pick up one for me and one for my friend's birthday.

    This summer involves homemade popsicles and bike rides.

  17. I'm learning how to camp! Hopefully we'll get to see lots of great places in Northern California.

  18. Since i´m not going to take any trips, i´m planing on spending every sunny morning in the open air pool before work.
    Your maps are so beautiful!!!

  19. Hanging out with my 3 kids at our local beach near Bayeux (weather permitting) then to Liverpool to see family (it normally rains there). I love your blog(s), my baby Joseph is just slightly older than Eli….

  20. my boyfriend's mum and her husband are coming to see us in london for a week so we're hoping to do some touristy things with them in late july and maybe even fly to ireland for a few days too so they see where we met and i'm from! i would love love love a copy of your book! i used to design maps as part of job before and loved it. thanks for this lena!

  21. So happy to see Mumbai, India is one of maps included. Wish I was going there this summer cause it's back home and back to the family. Nonetheless, one's goign to make most of the great weather outside with lots of water activities, fresh juicy frutis, enjoying the wild flowers and little creatures of the garden. Happy Summer!

  22. Does this work for people in France? 🙂
    This summer I'm working like crazy, then spending a week in Bretagne with husband, daughter and friends, and then moving to Paris! Very excited about all that. Your maps look really, really lovely Lena!

  23. Enjoying my new baby while on maternity leave. And trying to sleep from time to time…

  24. Making lots of baked goods for our mornings, going on walks, visiting family, napping with the baby in the afternoon, and enjoying the porch.

  25. Working mostly, but I'm hoping to be able to go to the orchard for berry and peach season.

  26. we are trying to determine this right now. but taking 2 weeks for sure. and going to be near water, driving distance away!

    love this book!

  27. Blueberry soup and hot nights spent talking and drinking beers! I love summer. We'll also probably spend some time at the beach this year. 🙂

  28. A family vacation in the woods, disconnecting from the outside world for a bit with our two little ones.

  29. hanging out with my three babies, taking a driving tour of the weird old, religious sites in upstate new york, finishing new novel, making sauerkraut, making dinner.

  30. Enjoying my last month in London, before moving to Sweden for school (textiles!) in August.

    Hope you have a nice summer as well.

  31. I'm going home to Finland (from England where I live at the moment) and will enjoy swimming in the lakes, summer saunas and the midnight sun!

  32. I'm working all summer because I 'wasted' my vacation days on school. luckily, the city provides so much in terms of good entertainment. I'll mostly be biking to red hook, ferrying to governor's island, and eating lots.

  33. Oh how I love your maps, and would love to win a copy of your book! It's gorgeous! This summer? No big plans – hopefully some time by the lake with the new baby!

  34. spending time in the library, having picnics at the park, playgrounds, the beach, hiking and just enjoying our little ones 2nd summer with us.

  35. I'm writing my dissertation, and taking my first trip to Montana with my husband and little boy. Can't wait to get out of this southern heat for a bit!

  36. It's kind of rainy in Budapest right now, but hope to do some sailing on the Lake Balaton.

  37. I'm going to Maine for the very first time, making jam, and driving up the Ca/Or coast too!

  38. Spending every moment I can outside with my little 14 month old boys. Hope to do some camping, some swimming, some crafting, some thrifting, some gardening, before I go back to teaching in the fall.

  39. (Funny! first commenter Jaime Rugh is my niece-in-law!)

    Okay, back to business.

    This summer involves short trips: family reunion in northern Utah, babysitting a grandchild in Arizona, trip to DC in order to appreciate the lack of humidity here in California, two nights in Yellowstone, one night at Grand Tetons and hours and hours and hours of surfing the web. Just kidding. Hours and hours and hours of quilting.

    Elizabeth E.

    P.S. What are you doing this summer? What map will you be drawing?

  40. Looking for work 🙁
    AND being inspired by all the many blogs and post of the 'creative' on the internet 🙂

  41. sewing, knitting, going to my favorite beaches on the oregon coast as much as possible, berry picking, tending my garden, work of course, but the other things are much nicer!

  42. I'm getting married in my grandmothers summer house garden near the Northern Sea in Denmark – and honey moon is to our old farm house in Sweden 😉

  43. being a kid again with my (almost) one year old. catching (and releasing) fireflies, swimming, reading, eating popsicles, blowing bubbles…

  44. Making and selling terrariums at a flea market in my east nashville neighborhood!

  45. As a child I used to go to Martha's Vineyard with my parents and sister. Near Gay-head (what's in a name) before it became famous and expensive (before Jackie O bought property there). At the time it was secluded and quiet. We would pick mussels for dinner on the rocks by the shore and collect "Indian money" on the shore. My mother returned home with dozens of horse-shoe crab shells she hung all over our house.

  46. Moving back to California, reading a poem in my friend's wedding, hiking in the Pyrenees, cycling, and starting a new job.

  47. weekend camping trips, spending evenings soaking sun after work, taking loads of photographs!

  48. I made a little 'eep' sort of noise when I saw the map of the vineyard–as that is my summer, working on Martha's beautiful island. You maps are superb and sublime.

  49. We are spending July in Taiwan visiting family. We are just recovering from jetlag now, but I'm hoping to brave the heat and take the kids out exploring in the city soon!

  50. I'm spending the summer transitioning: moving to a new city and finding a new career.

  51. i already spent 2 weeks in finland, living in a wooden house in the forest, swimming in the lake and going in the sauna in the evenings! hilarious!

  52. we just went to San Francisco, then Canon City Colorado to visit Grandma so that my daughter could take swimming lessons, and next is Yellowstone. I'm so excited!

  53. a roadtrip to NYC to visit the MoMA 🙂 did i mention we have 3 kiddies? under the age of 5? it will be quite the adventure…

  54. Too late to play…. But this summer I'm in USA and I was sunday in Brooklyn (in Williamsburg). I loved it so much !!!