we had brunch at our friend june’s apartment over the weekend. i love her taste. she has a great eye for fabrics and patterns, and i love the way she puts things together.

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  1. I love the natural way in which the different patterns and objects come together. That wooden bed looks so inviting… and it looks like that cute cat agrees!

  2. Beautiful patterns an lots of fine little details. I love the special and though very natural atmosphere.

  3. this home looks beautiful. and the plate with the red cabbage, carrots and fruit is so full of color.

  4. yes a really nice eye for colour balance and pattern. I love white as a backdrop and light lots of light. That boy of yours is growing big and is real cute Lena. 🙂

  5. oh! this is more inspiring than any of the homes i've seen featured on design sites in a long time. it's so simple and lovely. the selection of titles all sitting together cracks me up a little. oh, and that eli? ca-yutiepie!!

  6. the place looks really modern with a country twist. plus, I adore the cat!

    alexandra @

  7. Such a nice style. Colorful and full but also a bit deconstructed. And I love seeing photos of your little man. He's not too much younger than my little Ingrid.

  8. look at that little man!! at first i thought the photos were of your stuff : you guys have the same simple taste.