i stopped in oak on friday and bought a couple things (not pictured here– i couldn’t find them on the website). i hadn’t been there for a year or more, and i was impressed with their house line. and the prices were surprisingly affordable. lately i’m feeling like wearing things that are more simple and sophisticated, with interesting details. i still love bright patterns, of course! but right now i’m less drawn to wearing things that are cute & sweet. i went into apc surplus friday too, one of my favorites, and was surprised that i was feeling a slight aversion to their sweet shapes.

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  1. wow thanks for sharing all of these..ill buy mah sister like the first photo

  2. i've been feeling the same way about my clothes. i'm not quite sure what direction i'm headed in, though.

  3. me too, erica…
    not sure either, and it might have something to do with the summer heat. when i was in paris last may it was a heat wave and i loved how the older parisian women dressed so simply, but obviously with great style.

  4. interesting. this is always what I'm drawn to. I wonder why you are feeling that way?

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  6. Oh my goodness I want those shorts. I think every girl in Copenhagen was wearing them this summer when I went up there with REALLY MASSIVE heels. So inspiring!