the beautiful new nieves store in zurich.

josh and i were recently fantasizing about opening a store sometime…. seeing these photos makes me want to even more!

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  1. love that you wrote about a store in zurich! i live in switzerland and am always on the look out for cute stores like this – i will definitely have to visit it =)

  2. beautiful store… such a great publishing company with amazing taste. i'll have to pop in when we're in Zürich next.

  3. oh, I have a fantasy, too, of opening my own store. Such beautiful inspiration. Thanks for sharing.

  4. my fantasy is about moving to zurich, which fits in with this post quite nicely, as i could shop in the store 🙂

  5. You should totally open a store! I will go visit it when I go to New York!

  6. how beautiful. love the gray doors and the wooden stool. opening up a shop is such a wonderful dream. i think you should go for it!!

  7. beautiful shop. love the walls of books. clean and simple. really lets the artwork on the books to pop.
    i really want that stool too.