i couldn’t be more enthusiastic about my friend shabd simon-alexander‘s recently published book– TIE DYE: DYE IT WEAR IT, SHARE IT. shabd and i talked a lot about the book making process as she was working on this book (and i was working on mine). it’s a process that is tedious and labor-intensive– and eventually satisfying and rewarding. shabd is a great friend of mine, but even if i didn’t know her personally i would still sing praises for this book. it’s so beautiful –really stunning– and extremely thorough in explaining every aspect of tie dyeing. often with craft books i see a handful of projects that appeal to me, but with this book i really want to do every single project. shabd taught classes in my studio when i was holding them, and currently teaches at the TAC in nyc– but now her skills and superb teaching ability can reach a worldwide audience, and i think that’s fantastic.