MEATLESS cookbook giveaway

i recently asked shira bocar, a friend and food editor at martha stewart, if she could recommend a cookbook similar to everyday food, great food fast– the cookbook i’ve used most over the years. coincidentally, a beautiful new book she put together, along with her colleagues at martha stewart, has just come out: meatless. while i’m not vegetarian, i have naturally been mostly-vegetarian all my life. the cookbook is big, with over 200 recipes. it’s a really fantastic cook book and i’m happy to be giving away two copies!

to enter, leave a comment (and enter your email address) below. winners will be chosen on monday evening.

the bottom two images are snapshots shira took during the making of the meatless–– one of photographs tacked up during a photo shoot, and the other of her favorite recipe from the book, the orzo salad with roasted carrots and dill (pg 282).