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i have several mociun for UO pieces to offer in a giveaway!

leave a comment with your first and second choice items, from the pieces listed below. i’ll choose winners at random on monday. please note: winners will need to pay shipping and i’ll calculate the actually shipping cost for your address (and send an invoice via paypal).

––mociun mandala duvet cover, twin size in pink (this one and the one below also work well as a beach blanket, table cloth, etc)

––mociun mandala duvet cover, twin size in blue

––mociun urban vines sham set 

––mociun vines pillow 



a big box arrived on my stoop a couple weeks ago with the mociun home collection for urban outfitters. caitlin gave me a peek at the collection while she was designing it, and i was really looking forward to seeing the finished products. mociun textiles on home goods–– a great combinations, isn’t is? the patchwork quilt is my favorite. i took these photos in june’s apartment (my friend and upstairs neighbor). the mociun pieces mix so nicely with june’s furniture and patterns. the collection launched this week and will be sold exclusively on the UO website.