UPDATE: sold out. thanks everyone!

i received a few requests for the brooklyn poster after they sold out, so i did a small reprint of 20 posters. if you would like to buy one, email me lena (at) lenacorwin.com or leave a comment with your email address. thanks! details:


brooklyn poster

11 x 17″

digitally printed

$18 + shipping (domestic shipping $6, international shipping varies)



i heard on NPR yesterday that kodak filed for bankruptcy, and it was reported that they are planning to focus on printing services. i was happy to hear that since i’ve been using kodak gallery for a while now to have my digital photos printed. the website is set up very smartly, and i have the option of paying more for higher quality paper, which i like. also, the packaging is great– very simple and professional, and the prints come in paper sleeves. i really appreciate those small details.