feliz is one of my favorite shops in our neighborhood. it’s a lovely little store with home goods, jewelry, children’s items, and an assortment of other things. right now they have a nice collection of ornaments and beautiful knitted baby vests made in argentina. it’s the perfect  place to buy gifts– i bought several there last week.

*   *   *

i’ve received two great books recently––

first, the fundamentals of printed textile design by alex russell, is a fantastic in depth guide for those interested in working professionally in textiles. i get lots of emails with questions about pursuing a career in textile design, and now i will suggest this book.

the second book, menus for chez panisse, was a nice surprise since i’ve admired the hand carved and printed designs of the famous berkeley restaurant for so long. the book is a collections of forty years of artwork by patricia curtain.

both books would make really nice gifts for those interested in printing.

tamar had cookies at her party yesterday made by the owner of zucker bakery in the east village, a good friend of hers. i can’t eat gluten, except for a bite here or there, but i splurged and tried these… and they were some of the best cookies i’ve ever tasted. the one on the right was like a delicate shortbread with a layer of dulce de leche inside and coconut on the edge. the one on the left was chocolate and coffee, somehow perfectly airy and dense at the same time. wow. i’ll have to take my mom to the bakery when she visits next, i know she will love them.