there’s a big spider living above our front door. it’s built a beautiful web (that you can’t see from the angle i snapped this photo)… so pretty, but also unnerving to walk below.

i’m reducing the price of MAPS for a special holiday offer, from now until december 18th. regularly priced at $35, MAPS will be on sale for $25 with a new brooklyn map poster thrown in too. thanks very much to those who chose to give my book as a holiday gift!

i’ve been posting more lately because using wordpress is so much faster, easier, and more enjoyable than blogger. wish i had made the switch a long time ago!

i started a new section of my blog called BOOKSHELF (i also added the link to the right sidebar). as i say at the top of the page, i love books, and i like supporting books that i love. the page will be ever-changing, with new books that i’m enjoying added regularly.