a beautiful hand knit hat from cal, for eli. thank you cal!
i love that she chose purple for him. it always irks that there are some colors thought to just be for girls or just for boys. so silly!

have you seen the beautiful ceramics by shino takeda in the mociun shop?

i went to the shabd + mociun party last week for their fall ’11 collections, and the clothes and jewelry looked incredible (as always). i hate to have to wait until fall to get a few things…

we had brunch at our friend june’s apartment over the weekend. i love her taste. she has a great eye for fabrics and patterns, and i love the way she puts things together.

sometimes during the winter i forget what summer feels like, it seems so far away. photos from our back yard last summer.

i’m happy to be included in jen causey’s beautiful new maker’s project.
jen came by my studio in october and photographed me screen printing linen for pillows.
i was a little self conscious being photographed while feeling large and pregnant, but, as always, jen’s photos are lovely.

be sure to check out the other makers if you haven’t already.